Refurbished Vacuums

5 things you should know about our vacuum cleaners

Are you considering purchasing a vacuum cleaner? Here are a few important details about our products:

  • We offer a wide array of brands to suit your needs
  • Some of our refurbished vacuums remove 99.99% of dirt and dust down to 0.1 micron
  • Most come with a variety of attachments, to work on any surface
  • We sell: Kirby, Electrolux, Tri-star, Oreck, Rainbow and more!
  • Some of our vacuums remove gases, chemicals, and odors
  • We offer refurbished virtually zero-emission vacuum cleaners
If you want to buy a vacuum cleaner, stop by our shop today.


We make sure our prices are fair and affordable, call us today to speak to our experts to help find the right fit for your needs!

General Pricing:

  • Spotless Vacuums: up to $899.99
  • Slightly less than perfect past models: up to $799.99
  • All metal units (popular in the '90s): up to $699.99
  • Filter Queen Defender Air Filters : up to $599.99 each
We offer in-house lifetime warranties, our inventory list is expansive and our experts will work with you to diagnose your problem, find a solution and work with you to align your budget to the perfect system for you!